William Newman’s Same Day Knee Replacement Surgery

William Newman’s Same Day Knee Replacement Surgery Most knee replacements are performed in a hospital setting, which entails staying overnight for observation and physical therapy. Anyone who has gone through this process knows that it is somewhat inconvenient. William Newman is a patient of Dr. Christopher Ferguson and has had both his knees replaced. His first replacement was done at the hospital. “The whole process of going to the hospital and […]

Spine Center Q&A Webinar

Spine Center Q&A Webinar OrthoSouth spine surgeons Dr. Spencer Hauser, Dr. Sam Murrell, and Dr. Stephen Waggoner, answer a range of questions about back and neck conditions.

Same Day Joint Replacement – Considerations and Benefits

Dr. Timothy Krahn

Same Day Joint Replacement Webinar On July 8, 2020, Dr. Timothy Krahn discussed the considerations and benefits involved with “same day” joint replacement in the outpatient setting. Watch the recorded presentation and Q&A session below.