Outpatient Joint Replacement – Webinar

Outpatient Joint Replacement – Webinar Dr. Ferguson provides an overview of outpatient joint replacement surgery and what to expect if you have outpatient surgery at OrthoSouth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjMrzacqMv8&list=PLks68rqYIh29fJZlIcKH8WITd9LG-6rKC&index=16

How to Manage Arthritis

How to Manage Arthritis

HOW TO MANAGE ARTHRITIS Pain is your body’s alarm system, letting you know something is wrong. While most minor aches and pains will resolve permanently with treatment, chronic pain is different and doesn’t always go away with treatment. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic pain, affecting an estimated 24% of adults […]

Ankle Arthritis – Webinar

Dr. Tyler Fraser

Ankle Arthritis – Webinar Dr. Tyler Fraser discusses the broad topic of ankle arthritis in his webinar “Ankle Arthritis.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVikRO0lN40

MAKO Robot-Assisted Joint Replacement

Dr. Simard

Mako SmartRobotics™ Total Joint Replacement Since completing the first Mako SmartRobotics™ Total Knee replacement in the Memphis area in 2018, I have been extremely impressed with the improved outcomes of more than 250 of my patients that have elected to use the technology for their knee replacement. Mako’s CT-based technology allows me to know more […]

The Role of Core Strength in Back Pain Prevention

Surgery rehab

The Importance of Core Strength in Back Pain Prevention Why is core strength so important for improving and preventing back pain? Your core muscles are the primary stabilizers of not just your trunk, but your entire body.  Your core provides an anchor that all of your muscles use as a base to generate force.  Anatomically, […]

The Pros & Cons Of Walking On The Beach

The Pros & Cons Of Walking On The Beach

The Pros & Cons Of Walking On The Beach Now that summer is in full effect, many Mid-South families are taking advantage of the many beaches within driving distance of Memphis. If you’re gearing up for a week or two of sun and surf, you’re probably already looking forward to long walks on the beach! […]

Wrist Pain: Common Causes and Strategies

Orthopedic Surgeon Collierville

Wrist Pain: Causes & Strategies Wrist pain can be highly variable. Some people may describe pain in the wrist that occurs with a certain movement, like gripping. It has also been described as: Achy Throbbing Sharp Burning Unpredictable The description of the pain and your immediate and long term history can help you and your […]

Dynamic Warm-Up Moves to Prime Your Muscles

Leg kick

Dynamic Warm-Ups to Prime Your Muscles for Exercise Everyone knows you are “supposed” to warm up before a workout, but why?  Every one of our patients engages in some sort of warm up exercise to begin the session to certify we get the most out of every visit. A warm up is crucial for two […]

Aquatic Therapy & Exercise

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Aquatic Exercise: An Interview with PTA Sharon Dunseath You have probably heard that water is an excellent forum for low impact exercises, physical therapy, and resistance training. In fact, because of its many beneficial attributes, OrthoSouth physical therapists often use aquatic therapy to help patients regain range of motion and increase strength after injury or […]