Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation : A treatment option for patient with radicular and neuraxial  back pain.

How To Maintain Healthy Hips

People are living longer and putting more demands on their bodies as they age. In 2021, many people age 65–70 and older are still working, playing recreational sports, and caring for grandchildren! Life demands mobility from your body, which can place stress on your muscles, ligaments, and most importantly, hip and knee joints. With the […]

Running After Joint Replacement

Running After Joint Replacement If you suffer from severe or chronic joint pain, then it’s likely you’ve already had to scale back running or quit altogether. While a knee replacement can certainly increase your quality of life, it doesn’t mean you can go right back to pounding the pavement. What You Can Do Most doctors […]

Common Neck Conditions

Common Neck Conditions Choose a condition below to learn more at aaos.org. Pinched Nerve Arthritis of the Neck Spinal Cord Compression Stretched or Torn Neck Ligament Broken Neck Slipped or Ruptured Disk

Achilles Pain While Running: What Is It and How Is It Managed?

Achilles Pain While Running: What Is It and How Is It Managed? The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body.  It is the tendon attaching the calf muscles to the ankle and it transmits the force used to push off when we walk or when we run.  Due to the […]