Diane's Knee Replacement Surgery with Dr. Drew Wodowski

Here is Diane’s story, in her own words:

I started trying to take care of my knee pain in September 2020. I should have taken care of it years ago, but I had other health issues that put my knee on the back burner. Whenever I finally went to see Dr. Wodowski, it was so bad that I had actually broken one of the bones. Dr. Wodowski said it was one of the worst knees he’s ever seen.

Before I could schedule my surgery, the anesthesiologist wanted me to get my heart checked out, so I did, and the heart doctor cleared me for surgery. Then, the anesthesiologist wanted me to get my kidneys checked out. Once that doctor signed off, I went back to OrthoSouth.

Leslie, Dr. Wodowski’s assistant, was an angel from God! My surgery kept getting pushed back, and Leslie heard all of my complaints but never wavered. She was always calm and collected even though the hold-ups had nothing to do with OrthoSouth.

I finally got my surgery scheduled for December 23rd. The people at Methodist Germantown wanted to cancel because it was so close to Christmas, but Dr. Wodowski fought for me to have it. Through one of my kids' connections, I was able to go to a rehab facility.

I did extensive therapy for two weeks. Without Dr. Wodowski and my therapists, I wouldn't be where I am. I'm 68 years old and feel 50 again! My knee is straight as a stick, and I have better extension and flexion in the knee Dr. Wodowski replaced than I do my other knee.

The difference between then to now is amazing. I can do anything I want to do. I go to the grocery store with no assistance and can shop pain-free! When someone at the nail salon asked about my knee, I was proud to tell them about Dr. Wodowski and even more proud when they complimented how straight my leg looks now.

Thanks to Dr. Wodowski, I'm me again.

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