How to Manage Arthritis

How to Manage Arthritis

HOW TO MANAGE ARTHRITIS Pain is your body’s alarm system, letting you know something is wrong. While most minor aches and pains will resolve permanently with treatment, chronic pain is different and doesn’t always go away with treatment. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic pain, affecting an estimated 24% of adults […]

Diane’s Knee Replacement with Dr. Drew Wodowski

Diane’s Knee Replacement Surgery with Dr. Drew Wodowski Here is Diane’s story, in her own words: I started trying to take care of my knee pain in September 2020. I should have taken care of it years ago, but I had other health issues that put my knee on the back burner. Whenever I finally […]

Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement – Webinar

Dr. Andrew Wodowski

CORI Robotics Assisted Knee Replacement – Webinar Dr. Wodowski discusses how the addition of robot-assistance in the outpatient setting enhances the patient experience in knee replacement surgery.

Running After Joint Replacement

Running After Joint Replacement If you suffer from severe or chronic joint pain, then it’s likely you’ve already had to scale back running or quit altogether. While a knee replacement can certainly increase your quality of life, it doesn’t mean you can go right back to pounding the pavement. What You Can Do Most doctors […]

David’s Knee Replacement

David Jones

David’s Knee Replacement Mr. Jones is a champion cyclist. After a knee replacement done by Dr. Tabor in 2013, Mr. Jones continued cycling and retired in 2015. He still cycles thousands of miles each year and is thankful to Dr. Tabor for the care he received. When asked to give a piece of advice to […]

Lori’s OrthoSouth Story with Dr. Tom Giel

Lori's OrthoSouth Story with Dr. Tom Giel

Lori’s OrthoSouth Story with Dr. Tom Giel “Just a perfect experience from start to finish.” ~ Lori P. Lori is an avid runner but a few years ago a knee injury interrupted her marathon plans. She took a few minutes to speak with us about running, her experience with Dr. Tom Giel, and the recovery […]