OrthoSouth® providers treat a full range of hip and pelvis issues utilizing techniques and options ranging from physical therapy and rest to total hip replacement surgery. The care we provide is carefully tailored to your unique medical situation and individual needs.

When hip replacement becomes a consideration for your quality of life, our specially trained hip replacement doctors can work with you to determine which option best suits you. Our Hip & Pelvis team includes experts in the following areas:
  • Anterior Approach (also known as minimally invasive hip replacement)
  • Dual Mobility Hip Replacement
  • Same-Day Outpatient Hip Replacement
  • MAKO Robotic Arm Assisted Hip Replacement
The following experienced and skilled OrthoSouth® surgeons are available to diagnose and treat your hip & pelvis pain:

To view additional board-certified orthopedic physicians who are qualified to handle a range of hip & pelvis issues, see our providers. 

Common Conditions of the Hip & Pelvis

It is unfortunately very common for patients over the age of 60 years old to sustain a fall that can result in a fracture of the top part of the femur (hip bone). This is known as a hip fracture. Car accidents or falls of ladders can also cause this. Many times, patients with a hip fracture cannot get up and walk after the incident and are taken to the hospital.

Our hip specialists at OrthoSouth can get you up and walking again after a hip fracture. We have a variety of way to treat hip fractures, but each patient and individual fracture pattern is different. Screws, rods (called an intramedullary nail), and even hip hemiarthroplasty (half hip replacement), to total hip replacement are a few of the options we offer.

Physical therapy is often times needed to restore strength and maintain balance, and OrthoSouth offers a variety of therapies in the Physical Therapy department to help with this.

To read more about hip replacement, visit our Joint Replacement page.

Different from a hip fracture, a fracture of the acetabulum (hip socket) can often be treated without surgery. However, occasionally surgery may be necessary. Once the fracture is seen, x-rays and a CAT scan may be performed and a walker or crutches prescribed for a period of time while the fracture heals. Once the fracture shows signs of healing, you may be allowed to increase your amount of walking.

Our specialists at OrthoSouth can get you healed and back walking after a pelvis or acetabulum fracture. The physical therapists at OrthoSouth also can help you heal while maintaining your strength.

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