At OrthoSouth®, our goal is to be the best orthopedic practice in the United States as measured by the patient experience. Every interaction, every patient, every day is a new opportunity to make progress toward this objective.

OrthoSouth® is the result of decades of orthopedic practice in the greater Memphis area, built on the legacy of three separate practices that decided to formalize a union guided by the common purpose of delivering world-class orthopedic care while offering patients an exceptional, unsurpassed customer service experience.

Our goal, to be the number one orthopedic practice in the nation as measured by patient experience.

Three Legacies, One Future

Founded in 1942, Memphis Orthopaedic Group is our oldest legacy practice. Dr. E. J. Lipscomb started the practice that would grow to include several doctors before being incorporated in 1974. The physicians practicing at the time of incorporation were Dr. Moore Moore, Jr., Dr. Wendell Whittemore, Dr. C. Leon Hay, Dr. Ephriam Wilkinson, and Dr. Daniel Scott. These physicians laid the groundwork for the company to grow into the thriving practice it became before later merging with MSK Group.  MOG developed into a five-location, 12-physician practice dedicated to providing the best orthopaedic care possible by exceeding the expectations of patients and their families. The company motto was “Working Together… Every Patient, Every Day, In Every Way.”

Our second oldest legacy group is OrthoMemphis. Founded in 1969 by the late Dr. Larry Morrison, OrthoMemphis had long focused on the recruitment of board certified, fellowship-trained, and subspecialized medical staff. In the early 1970’s, Dr. Morrison was one of the two Memphis surgeons who learned the technique of total hip replacement in England from Sir John Charnley, the “Father” of modern hip arthroplasty. OrthoMemphis physicians were actively involved in research activities that included the development of joint replacement devices for use in cancer treatment in children, and investigation using tissue engineering solutions to assist in soft tissue repair and joint cartilage restoration. OrthoMemphis grew into a group of 17 surgeons driven by the desire to find new ways of providing quality patient care and excellent service.

Tabor Orthopedics was founded by Dr. Owen Tabor, Sr. in 1998 with the goal of providing the best medical care possible to all patients. Tabor Orthopedics grew to include eight physicians who all specialized in several fields but identified as “general” orthopedists. The Tabor group’s practice model allowed for patients to see a single physician for orthopedic care of different body parts.

The Joint Venture

MSK Group, P.C. began in May 2008 when the physicians of Tabor Orthopedics, P.C. joined the OrthoMemphis doctors in a joint back-office business structure.  The physicians of Memphis Orthopaedic Group, P.C. joined MSK in August 2009.  This combination of three well-regarded orthopaedic practices facilitated opportunities such as sharing of expensive technology, reduction of the long-term costs of healthcare, sharing of clinical expertise, centralization of business and management functions, and the ability to consider strategic relationships with other orthopaedic providers throughout the region.

A United OrthoSouth®

In March 2019, the three divisions of MSK Group officially rebranded, together, as OrthoSouth®. Today we celebrate the legacies, identities, and contributions of the three divisions that came together to form OrthoSouth®, while enthusiastically embracing our common goal of providing world class orthopedic care wrapped in an indisputably exceptional experience to patients across the Mid-South region.