Memphis Sports Medicine

Your Specialists in Memphis Sports Medicine

We know that when you’re injured and no longer able to participate in all of your favorite physical activities, it’s tough. That’s whenOrthoSouth sports medicine specialists are here for you.

Whether you have pain that just won’t go away, or you’ve suffered a significant injury unexpectedly on the field or the court, the specialists at OrthoSouth offer the most professional, courteous care in Memphis.

OrthoSouth has several locations across the Mid-South, including three in Memphis, so we’re never far away. We offer a full-service approach, treating anyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors or anyone else injured during personal exercise. Our experts will have you back in the game in no time!

Is Your Shoulder Pain Permanent?

Three Convenient Memphis Sports Medicine Locations

Briarcrest Office

Poplar Office

Primacy Office

Do You Need Memphis Sports Medicine?

For many, it’s hard to determine whether they should schedule an appointment with their general physician or see someone who specializes in sports medicine.

Our Memphis Sports Medicine Team Treats

  • Fractures
  • Sprained ankles
  • Chronic tendinitis
  • Injuries to the knee
  • Injuries to the shoulder
  • Strained muscles

Whether your injuries are a direct result of an accident occurring during the big game, or just due to gradual wear and tear over time, your Memphis sports medicine professionals at OrthoSouth are happy to help.

Signs of Serious Injuries Could Include:

  • If you’re unable to put any weight on the injury
  • If you’re experiencing numbness
  • If you’re experiencing swelling
  • If the pain you’re experiencing is severe
  • If you’re seeing significant bruising
  • If your ability to function or your range of motion is limited

If you suffer from any of these symproms, it’s important to contact a Memphis sports medicine expert right away.

Your injury could heal on its own if your symptoms are mild, but talking to one of our providers could still benefit you if you notice the symptoms occurring frequently.