William Newman's Same Day Knee Replacement Surgery

Most knee replacements are performed in a hospital setting, which entails staying overnight for observation and physical therapy. Anyone who has gone through this process knows that it is somewhat inconvenient. William Newman is a patient of Dr. Christopher Ferguson and has had both his knees replaced. 

His first replacement was done at the hospital. “The whole process of going to the hospital and staying overnight wasn’t very niceMy surgery and Dr. Ferguson were great, but it was the typical hospital experience. I was woken up throughout the night for vital checks. Staying at the hospital wasn’t great.”  

Luckily for some patients that meet certain criteria, total knee replacements can be performed at an outpatient surgery center. Mr. Newman’s second knee replacement was performed at OrthoSouth’s Germantown outpatient surgery center and he has nothing but good things to say about it. 

“My experience with the surgery center was a completely different experience than the hospital. Upon arrival at 7 am, my wife and I were greeted by smiling staff who walked us through everything that would happen. There were no unknowns before the surgery. While I was in surgery the nurses kept my wife up to date multiple times and even gave her a voucher to get us something to eat. That is something that did not happen at the hospital. My wife was only updated when I was out of surgery at the hospital.” The major benefit to having the surgery done at the surgery center is not having to stay overnight. “Once I was out of surgery, I was in a recovery room for a few hours and had to perform certain tasks before being discharged, but I was home by 4:30 that evening.” 

The results of both surgeries have been spectacular for Mr. Newman. However, when it comes to ease of the process, his experience with the surgery center wins. “Having the surgery at the surgery center was a complete advantage. The staff was fabulous, and it was an easy process that went flawlessly. I must thank Dr. Ferguson for everything he has done for me and I recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic care.” 

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