Wrist Pain: Common Causes and Strategies

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Wrist Pain: Causes & Strategies Wrist pain can be highly variable. Some people may describe pain in the wrist that occurs with a certain movement, like gripping. It has also been described as: Achy Throbbing Sharp Burning Unpredictable The description of the pain and your immediate and long term history can help you and your […]

Dynamic Warm-Up Moves to Prime Your Muscles

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Dynamic Warm-Ups to Prime Your Muscles for Exercise Everyone knows you are “supposed” to warm up before a workout, but why?  Every one of our patients engages in some sort of warm up exercise to begin the session to certify we get the most out of every visit. A warm up is crucial for two […]

Aquatic Therapy & Exercise

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Aquatic Exercise: An Interview with PTA Sharon Dunseath You have probably heard that water is an excellent forum for low impact exercises, physical therapy, and resistance training. In fact, because of its many beneficial attributes, OrthoSouth physical therapists often use aquatic therapy to help patients regain range of motion and increase strength after injury or […]