Outpatient Joint Replacement – Webinar

Outpatient Joint Replacement – Webinar Dr. Ferguson provides an overview of outpatient joint replacement surgery and what to expect if you have outpatient surgery at OrthoSouth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjMrzacqMv8&list=PLks68rqYIh29fJZlIcKH8WITd9LG-6rKC&index=16

William Newman’s Same Day Knee Replacement Surgery

William Newman’s Same Day Knee Replacement Surgery Most knee replacements are performed in a hospital setting, which entails staying overnight for observation and physical therapy. Anyone who has gone through this process knows that it is somewhat inconvenient. William Newman is a patient of Dr. Christopher Ferguson and has had both his knees replaced. His first replacement was done at the hospital. “The whole process of going to the hospital and […]