Harmony's Story - Neck Surgery and Recovery

I’ve had back problems since 2004 – so when my neck began to bother me in the Spring of 2020 I thought, “Oh great, here’s another ailment to add to my growing list of aches and pains.”

As time went on, my neck kept getting worse, and I was dropping things daily because I had begun to lose feeling in my arm and hand. That’s when I knew that this was something more than just wear and tear.

I had never been to OrthoSouth before, but called and made an appointment based on the recommendation of a coworker. I  was pleasantly surprised when I was able to get an appointment that very week – especially as a new patient!I saw “Dr. Sam” and he ordered an x-ray and MRI.

Around one week later I found out the results of the MRI – I had a severely pinched nerve in my neck. By this point, I was no longer able to go to work. I couldn’t tend to my plants. I couldn’t even hug my husband with both arms!

Dr. Schroerlucke went over the options with me, from conservative to aggressive. I knew that I couldn’t go on living like this – because of the extreme pain I was no longer LIVING, but rather ENDURING life.

Another issue showed up on the MRI that had to be checked out by an endocrinologist prior to my neck surgery. I was devastated! But Dr. Schroerlucke and his team worked with me to get me through to my surgery. Thankfully, the other thing ended up being no big deal and I was cleared for surgery.

I had the surgery and, once the surgery pain had subsided I realized that for the first time in nearly a year I wasn’t in pain! I actually cried (and I’m not a crier!) because I didn’t think it was possible to be pain free again.  

Dr. Schroerlucke and his team were so caring and nice throughout this whole ordeal. From calling to make appointments, to figuring out insurance, getting refills, helping me to navigate the sometimes tricky waters post-surgery… it just all meant so much to me.

It’s unfortunate to say, but it’s not often that you encounter people who TRULY CARE in the medical field. Dr. Sam and his team are the glowing exception to this!

Today, I’m back at work full-time and am already planning what I’m going to plant in the Spring. I even bought a bicycle that I look forward to rising once the weather improves. And I can say with 100% honesty that I am 100% pain free!

Before and After OrthoSouth Neck Surgery
Day 1 after surgery
Neck Surgery and Recovery
Day 20 - Back to life!

Thank you to Harmony for contributing this incredible testimonial about her experience with Dr. Sam Schroerlucke. To learn more about Dr. Schroerlucke and the OrthoSouth Spine Center, click here