Debra's Knee Replacement with Dr. Simard

Here is Debra’s story, in her own words:

I first started having knee pain about 5 five years ago. It began in my right knee, progressed, and moved onto the left. They said I had arthritis, and I got cortisone shots to help with the pain. The last cortisone shot I had lasted two weeks before the pain came back, so Dr. Simard told me it was best to have surgery.

Both of my knees were bone on bone, so I went ahead and had surgery on the first one. I did my rehab and three months later had my second knee done. The surgery and rehab on both knees went wonderfully. I was scared to have both of my knees done within six months because I had heard horror stories, but I was fortunate to not have problems with either of my knees. Communication was great throughout the process; they were constantly reaching out making sure I was prepared and taken care of before and afterward. They always let me know what I was up against, and there were never any surprises. If you do not have good communication, there will be surprises.

I went to the Germantown location for my office visits, and PT. I was incredibly pleased with my physical therapist and credit Dr. Simard and the physical therapy staff for my excellent knees. I've had several people ask who did them because I get around so well and never had any problems. I always tell them Dr. Simard and tell everyone to follow his instructions to a "T." Following instructions is the key to having such a good experience.

I love to travel and do a lot of walking/stairs as a church secretary. Before surgery, stairs were horrible, and I had to take them one at a time. I didn't enjoy my trips because I was in pain and kept having to stop. Since surgery, I've gone to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and on a cruise! I was able to enjoy the trips and keep up with all the walking - knee surgery was life-changing for me!

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