OrthoSouth Germantown Clinic Has a New Home

Monday, March 8 – GERMANTOWN – OrthoSouth is delighted to share that its new Germantown clinic will begin welcoming patients on Monday, March 8. The brand new clinic, located at 2100 Exeter Road, 2nd Floor, in Germantown, was designed from floor to ceiling to deliver a 5-star patient experience. From its serene and light-infused lobby, to ultra-private exam rooms, and an intuitive floorplan with built-in navigation cues, the entire clinic was created as an escape from the institutional and antiseptic atmosphere typical in most healthcare facilities. OrthoSouth will continue providing their brand of world-class orthopedic care in a Covid-safe space, but in a warmer, friendlier, more comfortable environment that also delights and calms the senses. In short, the Germantown clinic is the physical embodiment of the OrthoSouth mission statement – to be the best orthopedic practice in the United States as measured by the patient experience.

The new OrthoSouth clinic is part of a larger renovation of the building owned by HealthCare Realty. The practice’s Germantown Surgery Center, which operates in the same building, will undergo a redesign during the next phase of renovation that will incorporate the same themes and promote the same 5-star experience as the OrthoSouth clinic upstairs. Renovations to OrthoSouth spaces are set to conclude by this Fall.

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