Courtney's OrthoSouth Story - Pilon Fracture Repair with Dr. Tyler Cannon

5 stars all the way for Dr Tyler Cannon!!!

I am three years out from a pilon fracture. I broke it coming off my horse. Never cried when I fell, never cried when I knew it was officially broken. I did lose it when I was told how serious this type of fracture was and that I would need major surgery.

Dr. Cannon's bedside manner is above top notch. He let me cry it out as long as I needed. I begged for my leg to be saved and not let this be my last ride. He said he would do his absolute best as long as I did my part.

Twenty screws and a fancy plate later, I was put back together. After 12 extremely long weeks I started walking again. After 15 weeks I was back in the saddle. Now through constantly pushing myself I am back to hiking 5+ miles and trail riding 8+ miles on horseback. While I will never be “normal" again I learned to adjust how I do things and slow down when I over do it. I 100% believe Dr. Cannon is the reason I have my extremely outdoors life back. ❤️
Pilon Fracture Repair with Dr. Tyler Cannon
Patient of Dr. Tyler Cannon