CORI Knee Surgery

CORI Robotic-Assisted Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery

Outpatient knee replacement with the CORI system blends the benefits of a same day joint replacement surgery with the additional benefits of the robotics-assisted surgery.

Did you know?

  • OrthoSouth is the only center in the Mid-South currently offering outpatient knee replacement surgery with the CORI robotic-assisted knee replacement platform.
  • We offer outpatient “same day” knee replacement surgery at both of our surgery centers in Germantown AND Southaven.
  • OrthoSouth is the ONLY center in North MS to offer a robotics-assisted knee replacement at all – the next nearest place is St. Francis in Memphis.
  • Outpatient knee replacement allows patients to return home on the day of the surgery to complete their recovery in the comfort of their own home. 

Learn more about total joint replacement at OrthoSouth. 

These OrthoSouth Surgeons Currently Offer Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacement at OrthoSouth Surgery Centers
Mark Biggers

Marcus D. Biggers II, MD

+ Bartlett + Memphis-Poplar + Germantown

Chris Fergusen

Christopher A. Ferguson, MD

+ Memphis-Poplar + Germantown + Bartlett

Dr. Lonergan

Robert P. Lonergan, MD

+ Memphis-Primacy + Bartlett

Dr. Jay Saenz

Jay M. Saenz, MD

+ Bartlett + Memphis-Primacy

Dr. Simard

Jean Simard, MD

+ Memphis-Poplar + Germantown + Bartlett

Dr. Owen Tabor

Owen B. Tabor, Jr., MD

+ Memphis-Primacy + Bartlett


Stephen M. Waggoner, MD

+ Memphis-Poplar + Germantown + Bartlett

Andrew J. Wodowski

Andrew J. Wodowski, MD

+ Memphis- Briarcrest + Germantown + Southaven

Learn more about knee replacement and robotics-assisted outpatient surgery via the webinar below.