The Ultimate Knee Replacement Experience Comes to the Mid-South

OrthoSouth is the first and only center to offer the CORI robotics-assisted surgical system for knee replacement, available at its award-winning surgery center in Germantown, Tennessee

August 30, 2021

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates knee replacement surgeries are expected to increase a staggering 180% between now and 2030 in United States. In the Mid-South alone, tens of thousands of people are at high risk for osteoarthritis and may need surgical intervention.

OrthoSouth is committed to meeting our patients where they are, which includes matching the right surgical option to each individual situation. To better aid in that commitment, the OrthoSouth team has introduced a robotics-assisted option for knee replacement patients in their Germantown surgery center outpatient setting – the Smith & Nephew CORI Robotic System.

“I tell the majority of my patients to forget everything they thought they knew about knee surgery,” OrthoSouth’s Dr. Marcus Biggers said. “Within the last few years, the advancements in robotics-assisted knee surgery alone have been a game changer for my patients.”

Dr. Biggers was one of the first Mid-South surgeons to use the CORI robot, on August 3, for an outpatient knee replacement at the OrthoSouth Germantown Surgery Center. Dr. Owen Tabor and Dr. Drew Wodowski also began using the CORI system thismonth. OrthoSouth is the first and only surgical center in the Mid-South to offer the CORI Surgical System for outpatient knee replacements.

A recent survey conducted by global implant maker, Smith+Nephew and Kantar showed procedure fears and recovery time were the biggest concerns patients had about moving forward with knee replacement, but they expressed near unanimous interest in discussing robotics-assisted knee surgery with their physician.

The surgeons at OrthoSouth have also found that “same day” joint replacement can result in a quicker, smoother recovery and minimizes the patient’s risk of infection.