The following experienced and skilled OrthoSouth surgeons are available to work with you on a regenerative medicine treatment plan:

Judith R. Lee-Sigler, MD

+ EMG/NCV + Non-Operative Spine + Regenerative Medicine

Michael D. Neel, MD

+ Hip & Pelvis + Joint Replacement + Orthopedic Oncology + Regenerative Medicine

Jonathan M. Stuart, DO

+ EMG/NCV + Non-Operative Spine + Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation + Regenerative Medicine

James C. Varner, MD

+ General Orthopedics + Regenerative Medicine

To view additional board-certified orthopedic physicians who are qualified to handle a range of orthopedic issues, visit our provider page.

Our physicians offer regenerative medicine at a number of clinic locations across the Mid-South:

About Regenerative Medicine at OrthoSouth

OrthoSouth has taken a serious approach to integrating Regenerative Medicine science and techniques to its practice.  We ensure that our physicians have and continue to participate in certification courses and/or continuing medical education so that we are staying abreast of the latest developments while focusing on treatments with the best vetting and of most potential benefit.  We work in committee fashion to provide standards for our approach while allowing for an individualized treatment plan.

When you choose OrthoSouth as your regenerative medicine provider, you can be assured that the treatments we offer are in keeping with our proud legacy of world-class orthopedics combined with an exceptional patient experience.

People today are living longer and retaining an active lifestyle longer than at other points in time. However, one drawback of this extended active life span is that we are more likely to develop chronic and degenerative conditions, which are often painful as well as debilitating.
Regenerative Medicine uses the body’s own tissue or tissue material natural to the human body to help restore or establish normal function and improve pain.

For many years, medicine has used elements of Regenerative Medicine like bone marrow aspirate to treat complications from a number of diseases. However, medicine has only recently channeled the healing power of one’s own bone marrow, peripheral blood, donated amnion, exosomes, and the like to help in the orthopedic realm. This part of Regenerative Medicine is known as Orthobiologics.

OrthoSouth offers the following orthobiologic treatment options:

  • Bone Marrow Treatment
  • Growth Factor Therapy
  • Alpha 2 macroglobulin
  • Autologous conditioned plasma
  • Exosomes
  • Amnion

Your doctor will discuss which treatment option(s) may be right for you and your specific medical situation.

Regenerative medicine may be an option for individuals dealing with soft tissue injuries of the muscles, tendons or ligaments; degenerative conditions such as arthritis; disc degenerative problems; non-union fractures; and other chronic non-healing conditions.

Regenerative therapy tends to have fewer side effects when compared to steroid injections and surgery. The therapies are natural and organic – they utilize and enhance your body’s own inherent properties to promote and speed up the natural healing process. Additionally, the procedures are non-surgical and minimally invasive.

All treatments come with potential risks and side effects. Your doctor will discuss risks and side effects with you before any treatment.