Memphis Orthopaedic Group, OrthoMemphis and Tabor Orthopedics Announce a New, Single Brand, OrthoSouth – the New Name for Excellence in Orthopedics in the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, March 28, 2019 – Three of the most respected orthopedic practices in the Memphis metro area have come together under one name – OrthoSouth – to create a single orthopedic brand with 35 doctors, 44 physical therapists, seven clinic locations, two MRI suites and two orthopedic outpatient surgery centers. The mission of OrthoSouth is to provide world-class orthopedic care combined with an industry-leading focus on the patient experience.
 “Excellence in orthopedic care is the foundation of OrthoSouth,” said Kimble Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer for OrthoSouth. “Today, the physicians and staff of Memphis Orthopaedic Group, OrthoMemphis and Tabor Orthopedics have come together to build on their decades-long histories of world-class orthopedics with a new kind of focus on the patient experience. Beginning today, we hope the name OrthoSouth will quickly become synonymous with a new level of service to patients, one that is personal, individualized and unique.”
Underscoring OrthoSouth’s commitment to enhancing the patient experience, the company announced today three new initiatives.
“First, we have implemented live answering within our call center,” continued Jenkins. “A caller into OrthoSouth will be greeted by the warm, caring voice of one of our friendly call center attendants, instead of a cold, impersonal recording. We believe that speaking with a person is meaningfully better than having to suffer through an endless cue of recorded options. Second, over the last several months, we have undergone training to improve our customer service. Back in January, we asked the world-renowned hotel chain, Ritz Carlton, to come train our employees on how to provide a higher level of service to our patients. Starting today, when a patient visits us, we hope they can begin to see the OrthoSouth difference. Third, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new online appointment scheduling capability. With this new capability, a person can easily schedule an appointment directly from our website – picking a time, location and physician that best meets their needs. We believe convenience and accessibility are extremely important to our patients, and we hope this new scheduling feature will help achieve these goals.”
Memphis Orthopaedic Group, OrthoMemphis and Tabor Orthopedics have been a vital component of the orthopedic community in Memphis for many years. Today, these three great institutions have come together to take orthopedic care to the next level, and their talented physicians and team members look forward to serving the Mid-south under the new name OrthoSouth for years to come.
OrthoSouth locations include:
6286 Briarcrest Ave.
4515 Poplar Ave. Suite 206
1244 Primacy Parkway
3045 Kate Bond Road
8040 Wolf River Blvd Suite 100
Southaven, MS:
7580 Clarington Cove
Marion, AR:
310 Judge Smith Drive
About OrthoSouth
OrthoSouth offers world-class orthopedic care at seven clinic locations and two surgery centers located across the Mid-South. For more information visit